Friday Finds: 'Tis the Season for Cleaning

A re-purposed storage crate from Vakuoli

It's the time of year when we relish the new possibilities we face, and wonder whether one of those possibilities might be a clean house. In typical fashion, we've spent the last year cramming things into closets rather than deciding whether they were worth keeping or not, and now we're facing the consequences and looking to downsize our collection of ill-fitting pants and chipped glasses.

For what remains, however, we will need someplace to put them, and I'm determined not to simply shove them away until next year's resolutions. So, I'm looking for storage that's inexpensive and has a little bit of style. Luckily, there are a lot of options.

I can hang prettier finds rather than keeping them hidden in the closet (from half pint salvage)

I know this book can't store much, but it's just too pretty to pass up (from TealStripes)

Jars are a classic, inexpensive way to see everything you have (from saganaga)


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