Away we go!

Welcome to August Vintage!

This all started about a year ago when we bought our first home--a mid-century beauty of a ranch house (that had some unfortunate upgrades in the early 1970s). Cultured marble and an awkward kitchen add-on awaited us, but we're settling in and making progress, one project at a time.

As most of us do to make our houses homes, I went to work looking for decor and found myself drifting back to thrift stores and vintage shops, when chain stores lead to disappointment. The chain store items were repetitive and sad. I was searching for items with history, with heft, and ready for re-use and re-love.

Eventually I had my fill, but I had gotten used to looking for great vintage and antique pieces--so here we are! I hope you find just what you're looking for in my shop, and welcome your questions and comments--I'm looking forward to posting about everything home-related, from decorating to cooking to DIY.

Please check out my shop at Etsy.


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