DIY Perpetual Calendar!

I have a confession to make: I usually don't know what day it is until I look at my watch in the morning. I've tried to buy calendars, but the expense and my own nature at forgetting to flip the page every month--which is why I love the idea of a perpetual calendar. But, alas, the perpetual desk calendar usually requires some kind of action on my part, and it only gives you a day-by-day blow.

That's why I love the idea of this magnet calendar from Apartment Therapy--I get the feeling that this particular calendar is one of a kind, but this gives me an excuse to try my hand at marble magnet making (great DIY from not martha). Imagine the possibilities! You could make your own personal reminders (birthdays, dog training classes, garbage day) and move them as needed to personalize your monthly outlook. Enjoy the craftiness!


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