What to do when you move?

Talk about some great advice on what to do in your new place--I don't know if I would go so far as to replace the entire toilet seat (if it was in good condition, of course--though I'm not discounting copious amounts of a bleach solution) but these basics are things we occasionally forget in the flurry of searching for the box with your toothbrush.

The one I hone in on is changing the locks--I think it's something we put off because of the mere hassle of the process, but we actually discovered a great product for this just after we moved. We did the whole house in less than an hour with Kwitset's SmartKey system -- and no, this isn't a cheap plug, I just really loved it! You just put in the old key, use the included "SmartKey Tool" (a thin piece of metal) and then use your new key to teach the lock. Very simple, and super easy to get the same key for all of your house locks.

(Doorknob image from ShaneLilyRain)


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