FLOR to the Floor!

I love putting throw rugs down on my hardwood floors to warm up the space, but two cats and a rambunctious dog are making me rethink them (the cleaning alone is daunting--you can't exactly toss a wool rug in the washing machine).

I've been looking in to FLOR tiles as a possibility. The idea of being able to grab one part of the carpet and clean as needed is certainly appealing. I love this faux bois pattern, but the price per tile is a bit too much for me (the cheap is strong with me). But then I found the FLOR Outlet! To my surprise, a lot of the patterns and colors are quite nice, as opposed to your typical outlet finds, on sale because no one wanted them.

High Strung "Spice" and Doug "Dawn" are definitely appealing to me. Has anyone tried FLOR at home? Any insights on how they hold up to pet (and people) traffic?


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