Racking up the To-dos

The holidays are just around the corner, and hubby and I will be treating ourselves to an in-house vacation at the end of December. Being the crazy planner that I am, I'm already looking to create our to-do list for the two weeks we'll be trying to fill. On the list so far:

1) Replace the side door to the kitchen - right now, it's a hollow-core door. I can't imagine the heat loss right now! We'll likely replace the entire door and frame, and we're hoping to find a good option at a local salvage yard, and try to do the work ourselves.

2) Put in an extractor fan/light in the guest bathroom - we've only got a light right now, so there's no air circulation (and no air circulation in a wet place=mold!). We've already got the unit, we're just waiting for the time we'll need to crawl around in the attic.

3) Re-tile the fireplace hearth - it's just a gas fireplace that we barely use, but it's got some classic 1950s speckled ceramic tile that has started to lift and crack, right to toe-stubbing height. I'm thinking of some mosaic tiles, such as you might find on Modwalls.

And, if that's not enough, I've been sniffing around for more projects, and Re-nest has obliged with this best DIY ideas round up...hubby is probably feeling a chill run down his spine right about now...


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